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(1) Tengah Plantation Grange 4R, Nov 2019

(2) Fernvale Glades 4R, Nov 2017

(3) Tampines GreenCourt 4R, Nov 2017

Let’s talk about small variations!

Two of these 4-room plans (2 and 3) look just like their 5-room counterparts from the previous post. We also introduce a 4R plan from a Tengah project (1).


⁃ BS-HW category (closed kitchen).

⁃ Dedicated wardrobe space flush with wall

⁃ Non-standard master toilet layout. Shower is furthest from the door, keeping the entrance dry.


⁃ Size: 95sqm (1), standard 93sqm (2), 92/93sqm (3).

⁃ MBR wardrobes: (2/3) are flush with both entrance and toilet walls. (1) has an extra corner wall due to forward position of master toilet. Perfect spot for a mirror!

⁃ (1) has extra corner at the intersection of kitchen and BS. Widens living space and offers a nook for storage/display, although the flush wall (2/3) offers more flexibility to place dining set.

⁃ Unlike (2/3), (1) does not have the additional structural pillar between the common bedrooms, leaving the two spaces completely customisable.

⁃ Conversely, (1) has small structural pillar at the corner of MBR which (2/3) do not have. For symmetry around the bed, must position bed head against external wall rather than internal wall.

⁃ Windows! (1) has smaller windows that aren't centralised within the walls of the rooms. (Much more on windows in future post)

While floor plans can be broadly similar, I hope this illustrates that small differences can change the feel of a space and your options. There is no perfect flat, and a big part of renovation is creatively working within constraints! But it’s better to take notice of these little quirks of your potential home than to ignore them until after you’ve selected it.

All three floor plans featured are the “standard” layouts within their respective projects, with Tengah only having this one option. We’ll come back to the Tampines and Fernvale projects again to discuss another rare feature - extra windows in the master!

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